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Regulations of service

Regulations of service

The device does not require any preventive work, the main requirement is to keep it clean

If your device doesn't work. What should you do?

Step 1: examine the table in the passport in paragraph "Technical support", where the main faults and remedies are indicated. If it does not help, go to the next step.

Step 2: According to statistics, the majority of faults associated with the breakage of the lightguide tool. Check please the fibers for a break, dirt, etc. As a rule, spare fiber is always included in the supply package. Attach a spare fiber. If the situation has not changed, proceed to the next step.

Step 3: The presence of radiation at the output of the optical connector of the device (i.e, without the lightguide tool) can be checked visually or by visualizer of IR-radiation (for IR-range devices). During the test you must be careful: wear the protective goggles, look only at the reflected radiation. If it does not help, call for a service 8(812)369-57-17, 369-57-17 or write about the problem with the obligatory indication of the serial number of the device on e-mail:

If the radiation is present, the device is working. You need to replace the lightguide tool. Lightguides are consumable items and cannot be replaced under warranty.

Repair of the laser device is produced within the terrytorry of research and production company "ALCOM medica" at: 196128, St. Petersburg, st. Kuznetsovskaya 11, apt. 32-H. It will be convenient to send the device in the manufacturer's packaging (plywood box with foam inserts). If you do not have such package, you can use a different delivery available, just implement it with sealing elements inside, if it is possible. The method of delivery is discussed when you contact the company.