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Laser device ALOD-01 (662 nm)

Effectively used for PDT for treatment of the following diseases:

  • dermatology (malignant lesions of the cervix and vulva)
  • gynecology (treatment of acne, rosacea, actinic keratosis, skin cancer prevention)
  • dentistry (treatment and prevention of periodontal treatment of chronic and acute gingivitis, alveolitis, post-operative rehabilitation, prevention of septicemia (blood poisoning), treatment of discoloration of the teeth (laser whitening).

Benefits of PDT before traditional methods:

  • PDT has a pronounced effect on the pathogenic bacterial flora and has no affect on the normal microflora
  • Minimizes or eliminates the need for antiseptics and antibiotics.
  • Reduced the indications for surgical treatment.
  • Painless, minimally invasive, the almost complete absence of side effects
  • Positive clinical effect in the next, and during long-term observations.

Technical characteristics:

  • Laser radiation wavelength, 662 nm
  • Output power of radiation: 0.4, 2, 3, 5 W (stepless adjustment)
  • Operating regime: CW, pulse
  • Prolonged exposure: 100 ms-1 h
  • Diameter of fiber: 200, 400, 600 μm.

Supply package:

  • laser device “ALOD-01” – 1
  • set of lightguide (by agreement)
  • safety goggles-2
  • treadle-1
  • passport-1
  • key turning on / off-2
  • cable-1.

Benefits of ALOD-01:

  • display touch screen- combination of graphic display with remote control- simplifies the control of device
  • due to the portability of the device it is possible to use it in the operating room, and during outpatient operations
  • it possible to use laser in conjunction with an endoscopic technique and different tips
  • long time operation without maintenance and service equipment, resource of laser more than 5000 hours
  • air cooling.